Premium LED Lighting for KNX DALI lighting Automation Lighting System Dimmbar 24V_Tunable White_Deckenstrahler_LED_Modusystem

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Tunable White LED

Buy Tunable White LED to create a human-centered lighting living space Transform your living space into a sanctuary of human-centered lighting with our Tunable White LED

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TILLUME RGBW LED Series for KNX and Dali system


Transformative RGB LED Strip and Spot, able to shift colors to match any mood or setting. Seize control of your environment's ambiance, color, and overall aesthetic.


Modular Design

To create more items with fewer items

Classic, Interchangeable And Simply.

"Lessmo" LED Ceiling Light MODULAR SYSTEM

the light source adopts MR16/GU10 standard size design, with ceiling, pendant and recessed lighting fixtures. It can be freely combined into recessed spotlights, ceiling lamps and pendant lighting according to different installation conditions, both black and white Optional, better match different design styles

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Stylish, Modern And Diverse


The rail system can be installed in the ceiling, wall or suspended
be installed. It is available as a built-in and in two different versions
Structure variants are available and can be individually equipped with suitable lights.

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Approximately 400,000 LED lights sold to Germany market since 2014, receiving favorable customer reviews

KNX, DALI lighting control system.

Excellent Compatibility

Continuous iteration, makes our product able to support 1%-100% dimmable by most of DALI and KNX Constant Voltage PWM Controller.

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Lessmo Modular System Ceiling Spotlights

This range boasts a modular concept, alongside a timeless and stylish appeal. Select from a variety of lamp colors and designs to effortlessly assemble different types of lights such as:

  • Recessed spotlights

  • Surface-Mounted spotlights

  • Pendants

  • Spotlight

Options for Dimming, Tunable White, and RGBW are available

Our diverse lighting solutions cater to various illumination requirements and are compatible with leading KNX and DALI PWM controllers, enabling easy implementation of smart home lighting.

Utilization of LED Spots in Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Kitchens

Living areas

The color temperature of our Tunable White Spots can be modified anywhere between 2200-6500K. This allows for flexibility in adjusting the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) according to the unique lighting needs of different periods and situations. Furthermore, the brightness can be altered to better design a suitable lighting environment.


The sleek and modern design can be conveniently installed in an open-plan kitchen. The quintessential black and white shade enhances the cohesion of the lamps with the kitchen area, while the exceptionally high Color Rendering Index (CRI) makes the cooking experience more enjoyable.