DIN Rail Power Supply | Output 24V 4.2A 100W Constant Voltage

Item Code: HDR-100-24 / Series: HDR

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- Ultra thin design: width 70mm (4SU)
- 100-265VAC input available, Max 277VAC
- Standby power < 0.3W
- Class II isolation level
- Air cooling (operation temperature: -20℃~45℃)
- Adjustable DC output voltage
- Protection types: short circuit/overload/overvoltage
- Installed on TS-35/7.5 or 15
- Power supply for MDT AKD-0424R2.02 KNX LED Controller, Lunatone DALI Control Gear 89453826, 89453827, 89453836 and 89453837
- 3 years warranty



Power Supply For Smart Home Controller and Gear


TILLUME HDR-100-24 is an economical and ultra-thin 100W rail type power supply that meets German industrial standards. It is suitable for installation on tracks of TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15, and is designed with a width of 70mm (4SU) in cabinets that allow for space saving. The entire series uses a full range of AC inputs from 100VAC to 264VAC (277VAC available), and all comply with BSEN/EN61000-3-2 standard for EU specified harmonic current specifications.

The HDR-100-24 is designed with a plastic casing, which can effectively prevent electrical hazards to users, with a work efficiency of up to 90%. Under air circulation conditions, the entire series can work in temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to 45 ° C. It has complete protection functions and complies with home automation. Siutable offer energy for MDT AKD-0424R2.02 KNX LED Controller, Lunatone DALI Control Gear 89453826, 89453827, 89453836 and 89453837

Highly integrated PWM control IC inside, high performance and low standby power, At normal load condition, it operates in fixed frequency mode, When the loading goes low, it operates in PFM mode for high power conversion efficiency. When the load is very small, the driver operates in 'Extended Burst Mode' to minimize the standby power loss. As a result, high conversion efficiency can be achieved in the whole loading range. Meanwhile it offers comprehensive protection coverage with auto-revovery including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting (OCP), over load protection (OLP), AC brownout protection, over voltage protection (OVP) and short protection (SCP), Excellent EMI performance is achieved with proprietary frequency shuffing technique.

Electrical Specifications


Rated Voltage: 24V
Current Range: 0~4.2A
Rated Wattage: 100.8W
Ripple and Noise: 120mVp-p
Voltage Accuracy:±1.0%
Line Regulation:±1.0%
Load Regulation:±1.0%
Start and Rise time: 30ms/230VAC


Voltage Range: 100-265VAC
Frequency: 47-63Hz
Efficiency: >90%