DALI DT8 24V LED MR16 Spot Module Master Class
24V DALI DT8 RGBW MR16 LED Module Size

RGBW LED Spot Module | 60° CRI90 24V DC MR16 Style

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The newest specially COB technology, the spot offers a real downlight emission characteristics, i.e. directs the light at a 60 degree angle. Best technology for mixture Red, Green, Blue and WW,Not any layered light between different color

- Fits into existing MR16 lamp housings.
- Integrated optics, Reflector style.
- High-quality aluminum housing and Premium COB.
- For electrical parallel connection.
- Five-pole connection cable with a length of 50 mm.

Notes: Only controllable with DALI DT8 and balance dimmer


Wattage: 8W


 RGBW 24V LED MR16 Spot Module

controllable with DALI or Balance Dimmer


If the focus of the application is a perfectly colored accent and effect lighting, the installation of the RGBWW LED Spot is a good idea. Here you can admire the remarkable features of the mr16 spot modue, because they always convince with fast-reacting and precise color inputs.

In addition, the spot show their special feature in the combination of the RGB and WW channels in one LED COBs. This makes the product unique and leaves a lot of room for creativity. Thanks to the very high color rendering CRI > 90 RA, the stripes ensure naturally pleasant illumination. Each color (red, green, blue) can be controlled separately and is therefore suitable for use with any 24V-based PWM dimmer.

Practically, the fields of application of the RGBWW LED Spot result in a versatile range of possible uses. The result is a whole new and cozy feeling at home. The stripes with beautiful color accents can create an individual homely atmosphere in every room. The resulting light effects can make a day unforgettable and stay in your memory for a long time

Technical Data

Operating voltage: 24V DC
Max. current consumption: 0.31 A
Max. power consumption: 8 W (combined)
Luminous flux: approx. 400 lm (combined)
CCT:  2850K @ Warm White Channel and 5000K @ RGBW all Channel on
Color rendering index CRI: >90 Ra (WW Channel)
Beam angle: 60 degrees
Dimmable: Yes, up to 1% with the appropriate PWM dimmers
Chip type: COB
lifetime: >50,000 hours
Operating temperature: -25 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius
Dimensions: 50 mm with a diameter of 49 mm
Connecting cable: 5 wires and 50 mm length

Operated With KNX System


Avaliable for the item as below

Operated With DALI System

Controller by LUNATONE

Avaliable for the item as below
DALI 3Ch LED Dimmer (CV, DT6) :
89453828 (4A)
89453834 (8A)

86459571 (10A)

89453831 (16A)

89453831-HS (16A DIN Rail)

DALI 3Ch LED Dimmer (CV, DT6)
89453835 (8A)

86459560 (10A)

89453832 (16A)

89453832-HS (16A, DIN rail)

89453837 (4A)

86458514 (8A)

89453839 (10A)

89453842 (16A)

89453842-HS (16A DIN Rail)

86458509 (8A)

89453840 (10A)

89453843 (16A)

89453843-HS (16A, DIN Rail)