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Tunable White 24V Dimmbar LED Spot Module 6W+6W

Afstembare witte 24V dimbare LED spotmodule 6W+6W

€24,04 EUR
LED spotmodule Deep Tunable White PWM 6W+6W Wattage Balance LED-spot instelbaar wit 2200K - 6500K Hoge lichtkwaliteit met CRI90 min 24Vdc PWM-dimbaar Stralingshoek van 60° Hoogwaardige reflector voor een subtiele look De...
RGBW 24V Dimmbar LED Spot Module

RGBW 24V Dimbar LED Spotmodule

€28,53 EUR
LED Spotmodule RGBW PWM Indrukwekkende verlichting – individueel instelbaar Met de LED-spots zet u uw woonruimtes altijd in het perfecte licht. Dankzij de natuurlijke kleurweergave en het traploze dimgedrag past...
tunable white dimmbar led spot modul 4+4

Afstelbare witte 24V dimbare LED Spotmodule

€15,86 EUR
LED Spotmodule Diep Instelbaar Wit PWM 4W+4W LED-spot instelbaar wit 2200K - 6500K hoge lichtkwaliteit met CRI90 min 24Vdc PWM-dimbaar Stralingshoek van 60° Hoge kwaliteit reflector voor een subtiele look...
6W 24V LED KNX and DALI Spot Module, 2800K ConstaLED 30938

Warmwitte 3300K 24V dimbaR LED Spotmodule

Vanaf €10,22 EUR
LED Spotmodule WW 3300K PWM Indrukwekkende verlichting – individueel configureerbaar Met de LED Spot WW kunt u voor elke ruimte de ideale lichtopbrengst verwachten. Dankzij de volledige, soepele dimfunctie kunnen de...
6W 24V LED KNX and DALI Spot Module, 2800K ConstaLED 30938

Natuurlijke Witte 24V Dimbar LED Spot Module

Vanaf €10,22 EUR
LED spotmodule NW 4500K PWM TILLUME natuurlijk witte 4500K LED-spot is de perfecte oplossing voor alle toepassingen die een duidelijk uitgelijnd en toch homogeen lichtbeeld vereisen. Of u hem nu...
6W 24V LED KNX and DALI Spot Module, 2800K ConstaLED 30938

Warmwitte 24V Dimbar LEDspotmodule

Vanaf €10,22 EUR
LED spotmodule WW 2850K PWM Indrukwekkende verlichting – individueel configureerbaar Met de LED Spot WW kunt u voor elke ruimte de ideale lichtopbrengst verwachten. Dankzij de volledige, soepele dimfunctie kunnen...

LED Spot Module System For DIY Lighting System


The full range of TILLUME LED Spots Module sizes are designed using standard GU10 installation dimensions and are compatible with conventional GU10 & MR16 lamp housings on the market. Very easy to find matching lamps.

It is made of 6063 aluminum alloy material as a radiator and uses a fin design to increase the heat dissipation area, which can better reduce the COB temperature, and bring higher light efficiency and longer life. After testing, the COB operating temperature of all products is only 85°C, and the time for the luminous flux to decay to 70% of the initial value is 10,000 hrs.

Expert and Master LED Tech Version Optional

This series of products has 2 technical versions, Expert Version and Master Version. The Expert Vision uses a silver radiator, while the Master Version uses a black radiator for differentiation. Using black anodizing technology, the Master Version has a higher radiation coefficient and a 15% increase in heat dissipation area, so it has higher power.

24V,48V Version

The input voltage is available in 24V, 48V (under development), which can be suitable for a variety of voltage environments. The 24V version is mainly aimed at the mainstream KNX PWM LED controllers on the market, such as MDT, MEAN WEL, Loxnone, and other mainstream brands, while the 48V version will mainly be targeted at DALI LED controllers such as Lunatone.

Dimming, Tunable White, D2W and RGBW function

Dimming, Tunable White, and RGBW options are available. Whether used as regular lighting or upgraded to a smart lighting system, there is always one to meet your needs. Using the latest LED technology, the light color is softer and provides a basic color rendering of CRI90. It also provides a sunlight-like version with CRI>95 to better meet color needs.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Spots


To measure whether the room is bright enough, in addition to the lumen value, the illumination value needs to be considered based on different floor heights. In the IEC/EN standard, relevant LUX standards are also given according to different space functions. When you layout the lighting, you can make a preliminary design according to the following table, and we will also give professional suggestions.

If you are a lighting designer and can use DIAlux software for lighting planning, then you can download IES files of various specifications on the TILLUME website, which will very well support your lighting design work. click to download

Beam angle

When determining the lighting angle, you should first clarify whether the LED Spot should be used for basic lighting or accent lighting. As basic lighting, we need a wider lighting angle such as 60° to illuminate the entire area. If we need to focus the light on an object, then 38° will be a good choice.

Circuit Reliability

As we all know, LED technology is now very mature. Under the condition of controlling the operating temperature, it can easily reach a lifespan of 30,000-50,000 hours. However, the results are not like this in actual use. That is because the LED has not yet reached its lifespan. By then, the circuit had been damaged, causing the LED to withstand harsh input current or voltage, leading to failure.

TILLUME LED Spots are equipped with a more reliable circuit PCB inside to protect the LED. It has overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent and other protection functions, allowing our LED Spots to work under very stable conditions. In addition, for low-voltage products, too much load can easily cause certain line losses during current transmission, resulting in inconsistent brightness after LED lights are installed. For this purpose, we specially designed a circuit to solve this problem. This enables our LED Spots to operate at constant current under 23-25V input

Applications of LED Spot Modules

Due to its modular design, TILLUME LED Spot can be well-matched with different lamp housings and can be freely combined into various ceiling spotlights.

  • Recessed spotlight
  • Surface mounted spotlights
  • Pendant light

At the same time, we have also developed the Lessmo series of lamp housings, with more than 100 solutions for you to choose from. Whether it is a higher floor height or a lower floor height, it provides you with diversity. The LEGO DIY design concept allows you to easily configure living room spotlights, bedroom spotlights, kitchen spotlights, bathroom spotlights, etc.

In addition, the compact and simple design style makes it very easy to match various interior space design styles, and the classic design also makes the interior decoration timeless. When designing, we also considered subsequent maintenance and installation. The ceiling lights with LED Spots Module can be removed and installed by hand without tools.

For more details, please refer to the relevant articles below