Focus on ODM OEM business on the Euro market

Establishing TIECO Lighting Company, TILLUME brand owner

A group of electronics enthusiasts came together with a shared goal - to bring better performance and higher-quality lighting and electronics products to upgrade people's homes.

TILLUME 24V_PWM_LED_Spots For DALI KNX PWM controller
Tirelessly worked, pushing technology boundaries

Developed 24V Series LED Spots Module

To solve the technical difficulty of high light efficiency that cannot be achieved with high display, Developed specialized circuit solutions to address the impact of bus voltage drop on lighting fixtures. Assist customers also quickly gained opportunities in the market with this series of products, opening up the KNX and DALI lighting application markets

When TILLUME Face Business Losses And Pain
Encountering commercial betrayal

Bear Business Losses And Pain

He utilizes our open and transparent cooperation attitude to request various technical materials and share them with other suppliers, to maximize commercial benefits. And with the threat of refusing payment, forcing us to accept unfair terms to serve them

Abandon cooperation and embark on a new journey

Create the TILLUME brand and establish an online store

Starting from the first order and now approaching 200 buyers, more and more people are realizing that TILLUME can provide products of the same quality sold on Germany and better customer service

Let's continue writing the story together

We hope that you can continue to write the following stories together because we believe that only by persistently putting users at the center can we continue to operate In our shared journey of storytelling, we trust that by consistently centering our customers, we can perpetuate our operations.

3 cornerstone support products

Providing high-quality products is not based on slogans, years of ODM experience are our quality assurance

Product Research and Development

Powerful Electronic Technology Ability

Our R&D team includes Product engineers, Optics engineers, Electronic engineers, Structural engineers, and Linux engineers.
Key engineers have 10-20 years of working experience in the lighting industry. Deal with some cases like Osram, Philips, and so on famous brand
Based on the same IPD Product development process as IBM, Every product has excellent performance and quality. They meet customer needs meanwhile keep price-friendly

Total Quality Management

ISO9001 Quality Certificated

Every product loses stable quality, it will bring a big safety risk to users and Infringement on consumer interests.
So we pay off most money to build our laboratory and ISO9001.
Product conformity requirement from the International Electrotechnical Commission and some country laws and regulations is the bottom for TILLUME. Whatever materilars soucring or product manufacture, we have strict standard to make sure our quality.

Automatic Production

Stable Quality

Advanced manufacture technology is not only make our product have a suitable and friendly price, the most important is that it can make our product have better quality than assemble by people.
TILLUME own factory equirement degree of automation is nearly 80%, and some important process we use machine which is excellent brand like Yamaha.