6W 24V LED KNX and DALI Spot Module, 2800K ConstaLED 30938
2850K 24V LED Dimmable Spot For DALI
24V MR16  LED Spot Module ConstaLED 30938

Warmwitte 3300K 24V dimbaR LED Spotmodule

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De LED Spot WW biedt gericht warmwit licht voor een onvergelijkbare lichtervaring. Onze LED-spotmodule combineert stijlvolle verlichting met maximale energie-efficiëntie, hoge kwaliteit en eenvoudige installatie.

- Gefocust warm wit licht
-Hoge lichtopbrengst voor 8W
-Soepele dimcurve


Wattage: 8W

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LED Spotmodule WW 3300K PWM

Indrukwekkende verlichting – individueel configureerbaar

Met de LED Spot WW kunt u voor elke ruimte de ideale lichtopbrengst verwachten. Dankzij de volledige, soepele dimfunctie kunnen de lampen zich aanpassen aan elke gelegenheid.

Maximale energie-efficiëntie

Het is duidelijk dat je met de LED Spot WW de look en feel van een kamer compleet kunt veranderen. Ondanks deze flexibiliteit blijft de spot energiezuinig. Goed voor de sfeer en voor je energierekening.

voor het perfecte warmwitte licht en vervangt de traditionele halogeenlamp.

De hoogste kwaliteit – door ons ontwikkeld

We hebben er alles aan gedaan om een ​​LED-spotmodule te ontwikkelen met een tijdloos ontwerp, die past in een scala aan interieurs en toch boordevol de nieuwste LED-technologie zit om uitzonderlijke functionaliteit te kunnen leveren en de look en feel van elke kamer volledig te kunnen veranderen. Bovendien hebben we effectief warmtebeheer ingebouwd om een ​​lange levensduur te garanderen. Ook de innovatieve montagemethode is een ander doordacht designelement. Dit is geen doorsnee plek – het behoort tot de beste en is ontworpen en ontwikkeld door TILLUME, specifiek voor huis- en gebouwautomatisering.

Zacht, zacht dimmen

Het tijdstip van de dag, het gebruik van een ruimte, de gelegenheid en meer vragen allemaal om verschillende verlichting. De ingebouwde dimmer van de LED Spot WW levert een dimcurve op die aanzienlijk vloeiender is dan die van conventionele dimmethoden.

Thuis in elke kamer

Dankzij het tijdloze design past de LED Spot WW naadloos in vrijwel elk interieur. Dankzij de krachtige lichtopbrengst voelen deze spots zich zelfs in de grootste ruimte thuis.


Why TILLUME Static White LED Spot Have Excellent Light Output

Almost without exception, our users marvel at our 24V LED Static White Spot. We are also proud of it.



After careful selection, we have specially made CCT for LED Spots

The color temperature of traditional incandescent lamps is generally around 2850K, which is more in line with the habit of our naked eyes. Generally, the color temperature of LEDs is 2700K or 3000K. They are either too yellow or slightly white for us. It is more difficult to give us the perfect feeling. And according to research 2850K incandescent lamps are easier to create a warm environment.

In addition, the proportion of the red part in the 2850K color temperature is more suitable for our naked eyes, and compared with other warm colors, it can make the home environment more natural and real.

That's why we chose the 2850K as our Rated CCT.

To maximize the light quality, the light color of each of our lamps is very close to natural light. To this end, we used Duv as an important control point for the product.
Why the same CCT looks difference

What is Duv? First of all, we need to know why sometimes lamps with the same color temperature have completely inconsistent colors.

The color temperature on the left is 3265K, and the color temperature on the right is 3282K. They only differ by 17K.

Don't think it's our naked eye that can find the 17K difference.

We can understand from the figure that the points lying on the isotherm are all the same color temperature, but they are far apart, so the natural colors will not be consistent.

So we have managed the Duv value. If the Duv is closer to 0, it means that the light color is closer to natural light. Then you will naturally feel comfortable. The picture below is our test report, we can see that our Duv value has reached 0.0003


Duv vaule about LED MR16 Module Measurement data for TILLUME 2850K LED Sopt

High light efficiency, high CRI, and no discoloration after a long time of use.

Frequent replacement of bulbs is a painful thing. Although LED light generally has a relatively long life, this life only means that the lamp is still glowing. However, for people who want to have better light color and quality, it is difficult for conventional bulbs to achieve the stability of light color after installation.

The light color of the LED Module bead is greatly affected by temperature, because the heat will change the physical properties of the material in the COB, resulting in a color shift. This is a process of change, and its rate is determined by the number of LED chips. Generally speaking, under the same power, the more LED chips, the less heat generated by a single LED, and the higher the stability.

The diameter of the light-emitting surface of TILLUME COB reaches 17mm, and the common 8W LED on the market is generally 7-11mm. At the same time, 3 times more LED chips can ensure that we have a long life and the light color does not shift. At the same time, the efficiency of CRI90+ reaching 95lm/w at the same time is also a rare high quality in the market.

Since the plastic reflector works in a long-term high-temperature environment, the electroplated reflective layer on the surface is prone to fall off and turn yellow, which has a great impact on the light color of the spotlight. In order to better maintain the light color, We use aluminum reflectors and glass dust covers to avoid this from happening. At the same time, the aluminum reflector also has a certain heat dissipation function, which allows our bulbs to have a longer life.


This 24V LED MR16 Module is our first program that is used in KNX and DALI Home Automatic Lighting Control System. And in the past 8 years, There have been nearly 30,000pcs per year LED spots sold on the Euro market.

Lucky, almost users will marvel at our 24V LED 2850K Spot. Whether its diming performance with DALI and KNX system or high lighting efficiency under CRI90 level.