TILLUME Tunable white LED development history

When we start Tunable White LED development

We have been developing products related to dim-to-warm LED lighting since 2015. The LED module is our first project. Whether it is color rendering or light efficiency, we develop products according to the highest technical standards at that time. Since only Sharp Corporation of Japan sells a special COB on the market, the CRI is only 80, and it cannot support color temperature customization and the brightness is not up to the our standard. So we had to work with our partners to develop such COBs with 2 CCT.

Due to the dual color temperature LED light source, the emitting LED will change and move in position when it is adjusted and controllable. It is not suitable to use the optical solution of lens for secondary light distribution processing. The appearance of color stratification brings users an bad dimming and color matching experience. We have developed an optical system of lens + reflector to reduce adverse optical effects as much as possible. This unique design makes our products quickly popular on the market.

With the development of manufacturing level, we further developed the second generation COB technology, which fundamentally solved the problem of light color layering. The success of the Flip process allows our tunable white led products to have the best optical results.