Expert and Master Class LED Spot Module

Expert 31345 vs Master 31362

COB LED Updated on Master Class

Expert class 24V LED MR16 Spot is an earlier solution developed by TILLUME, which has the characteristics of high color rendering and high luminous efficiency. Under the same power, professional-level COB has higher luminous efficiency. With the light effect solution of our Mixed Lai technology, it can greatly solve the problem of delamination in the center of the light spot.
The master class adopts the latest COB technology to improve the uniformity of light output. The staggering distribution completely solves the delamination of the light spot, and the manufacturing process adopts the same solution as Samsung. Different from the process of CSP chips, our chips of each color can control the light color very well, and there will be no large color difference. At the same time, the color temperature is kept at a high level, and it can achieve a 2200K candlelight color.

Different Optic System

The expert grade uses optical grade PC material as the dust cover. The Master Dust Cover is made of high-end glass for better durability and shatter resistance. And don't be afraid of high temperatures.
Due to the use of the latest COB solution, the master class cancels the light mixing ball parts, and directly performs optical processing by the reflector to reduce light effect damage. Let every beam of light be used.
Expert and Master Class 24V DTW LED Spots Optics System

From the above picture, we can easily know the Master Class saves a part (Mixed Light Ball) compared with Expert Class. So the light can output directly.

Revised The Housing Design.

The master class uses a matte black surface treatment process, and the product is higher-end. At the same time, because the emissivity of black aluminum is greater than that of silver, the master spotlight can dissipate heat faster.
At the same time, the issue of light leakage of professional-grade radiators has been corrected, no matter what kind of hollow ceiling or general ceiling is used, it can be used.        

Master Class Work with DALI DT8

The master class has a special circuit design, only using the DALI DT8 dimmer with power balance, the maximum can reach 6W single channel.

Expert grade single channel is only 4W, 2200K single channel luminous flux is equivalent to 35W incandescent lamp.

Our Recommend

We recommend choosing a master-class LED module if you are looking for the best light effect and using it in a commercial environment. If it is for home use, the Expert Class has an affordable price and the performance fully meets the general family.