24V LED MR16 RGBW Spot Features


Premium RGBW COB LED inside


First of all, we can compare the picture on the right. TILLUME RGBW COB can be seen differently in the size and chip arrangement. A larger volume means more LEDs can be placed, not only brightness but also heat dissipation will be perfect. The uniform distribution of Red, Green and Blue three-color LEDs can make the light emission more uniform.

Achieving very high quality is not easy, we are not only careful in material selection, but also in the manufacturing process. Because of this, our 24V LED RGBW Spot is guaranteed to have an industry-leading level in luminous efficiency, color rendering, and Red, Green, and Blue light brightness levels, and is unique.

The price of RGBW LED light in the market is not cheap. Without the characteristics of stability and long life, it must be uneconomical for consumers and a waste of environmental resources. Therefore, we dare not be lazy, and every detail has been designed, tested, and verified repeatedly so that the performance and reliability of our COB are much higher than those of conventional products on the market.

Perfect Light Mixing As Always

For LED multi-color Spot Module, the poor light mixing effect is always an industry problem. With years of development of technology, TILLUME has solved this problem very well. It follows the light mixing technology of TILLUME LED DTW Spots and improves it on this basis. So that our RGB mixing effect will not appear striped light color layering, it can be better used in the dimming and color matching scene construction using KNX, DALI, and DMX control systems.

Why do we always meticulously perfect our LED 24V RGBW Spot?

We can imagine that if the multi-color LED does not have a perfect effect on color mixing, then the LED RGBW Spot Module cannot be called Full Color Light, and there are really only three colors Red, Green, and Blue light. Because you can only adjust one of these 3 colors to use, the other mixed lights will not be able to be used in practice because of poor results. Then your Home Automatic System that has spent a lot of money to upgrade will be greatly discounted.

RGB White Balance Support

An 8W LED, if it is made of Red, Green, Blue, and White 4 colors of light, we can easily calculate that the 4 colors of the LED can only be divided into about 2W of power. When we only light up white light, then its power will be very low, which will lead to insufficient white light brightness, so LED RGBW lights can only be used as ambient lights, but not for basic lighting. Therefore, when we designed LED 24V RGBW Spot Module, we especially considered this situation, and performed basic white balance processing on the LED RGBW Spot, so that it can emit white light when the 4 colors are fully bright, which can be used as basic lighting.


TILLUME White Balance LED RGB Spot



We know that some lighting control systems have white balance control functions, but relying on software to implement them is not an effective solution, because the three-color mixing technology of Red, Green, and Blue has strict requirements on the brightness ratio. LEDs of other brands usually do not consider this problem, but simply assign the same power to LEDs of different colors, which leads to the problem that there is a big difference between the software color and the actual light when using software control. However, the COB designed by TILLUME does not have this problem. We spent a long time researching the Red, Green, and Blue LED Chips, and finally found an optimal solution to the actual hardware's own white balance capability, even if your control software does not have a white balance function. TILLUME LED RGBW Spot can also achieve the effect of mixing Red, Green, and Blue light into white light. This makes our LED RGBW Spot a better fit.