What is a dynamic tunable white led light | TILLUME

What is a dynamic tunable white led light | TILLUME
Tunable White Introduction | TILLUME Lighting

What is the definition of Dynamic Tunable White LED Light?

It refers to the light which can support changing CCT by the home automatic system

According to the  USA Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy definition, white tunable lighting is “the ability to control a light source’s color temperature output.” 

So Tunable White LED light has the ability to support 2 channels CCT changed. LED lighting Manufacturers usually developed lights by combining different color temperature SMD or COB LEDs into single led lights like led modules and strips to achieve 2 CCT adjustment functions. You can then change (or "shift") the color temperature within the fixture by the controlling system. And it also is named as

  • Variable white LED
  • Hybrid white LED
  • CCT changing LED
  • Dim to warm LED
  • Circadian rhythm lighting

Wider CCT adjust range in TILLUME

Using KNX home automatic control system or lighting control system DALI, you are able to select the desired color of white anywhere between the available range specified by the manufacturer. Usually most of the manufacturers specified available CCT from 2700K to 6500K, In TILLUME, we set the range as 2200K-6500K, bringing more wide selection in application. Regarding CCT, you can learn from the article: the relationship between color temperature and mood.

All in all, we can think of tunable white LED lights as "custom color temperature lights". Because we can personalize it timely, lower or raise the color temperature and brightness based on our mood, whims, and desires. This way you won't have to worry about not being able to change the color temperature of the light. This lighting brings an unprecedented level of convenience and control.

Benefits of installing tunable white led

Modern people spend most of their time indoors, and most buildings use artificial light. Although we have entered the LED era, most light bulbs only have a fixed color temperature and cannot be changed. This non-adjustable color temperature light bulb disrupts our body's biological clock. Because our body is designed to secrete different amounts of melatonin according to changes in natural light, our bodies have different states. This is why we all wake up at sunrise and fall asleep at night. In our modern world, however, this process has been completely disrupted. Fortunately, more and more intelligent lighting systems have developed tunable white control systems. It replicates the behavior of sunlight, allowing us to restore our circadian rhythms.

Using tunable white LED lights in conjunction with the control system, you can also shift the color temperature of your home to suit your activities at different times of the day. We are all influenced by light - happy and content on sunny summer days, melancholy and lethargic on cloudy days, and bleak winter nights. The bright daylight ambiance keeps you alert and focused on work during the day, while the warm amber tones help us relax and enjoy family life and romance at night. When you look good, you feel good, and the warmth of Tunable White helps you look your best. Using tunable white LED technology in your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom, you can explore endless lighting climates and find the perfect balance for your life. 

If you are interested in circadian rhythm, please learn in this article to know more.

Where you can use Tunable Dynamic White LED Light?

When you choose to use tunable white lighting technology to control ambiance, there are many places suitable to install tunable white LED Lights. Here list some places that take advantage of dim to warm lighting:

  • Residences
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Retail Stores

Dim to Warm LED lighting in your home

Of course, it's also great for installation in your house, proportional bedroom. When night comes, you can help yourself fall asleep by setting the lights to slowly dim with lower and lower color temperatures. When the sun rises, the lights slowly brighten and the color temperature rises to simulate natural light.

In the living room, you can also set different color temperatures and lighting levels to match your actions. For example, the whole family sits around the living room watching a movie. On rainy days, set a high CCT as 6500K for light to put you in a better mood.

Creating an amazing restaurant atmosphere with different color temperature settings to match different foods is also a good idea. For example, for a seafood dinner today, you can set cool white lighting to make the fish look fresher, or for a barbecue party, warm lighting will make the food more attractive.