How Does TILLUME Makes LED DTW Spots Have A Excellence Quality

LED MR16 Module Expert Class introduction

Development History

We have been developing products related to dim-to-warm LED lighting since 2015. Whether it is color rendering or light efficiency, we develop products according to the highest technical standards at that time. Since only Sharp Corporation of Japan sells a special COB on the market, the CRI is only 80, it cannot support color temperature customization and the brightness is not up to our standard. So we had to work with our partners to develop such COBs with 2 CCT.

Due to the dual-color temperature LED light source, the emitting LED will change and move in position when it is adjusted and controllable. It is not suitable to use the lens as the optical solution. The appearance of color stratification will bring users a bad dimming and color matching experience.

So that we have to develop a new optical system to reduce adverse optical effects as much as possible. This unique design makes our products quickly popular on the market. And in 2015, this technology is at a very advantageous level.

Highest Quality Components.

The right and highest quality components are the base for creating a high-quality product. We work meticulously with the engineers and manufacturers of the individual components that comprise the LED Modules such as the LED chip manufacturers, LED packaging companies, PCB, and Heat sink manufacturers.

Premium COB Customized inside.

To achieve the best light effect and light color, we do not just purchase the common COB directly from the market, but directly cooperate with LED Chip and LED packaging manufacturers to develop. In the selection of Chip, we use the largest size chip, which can emit more light under the same current. We also worked on details elsewhere . So as to lift 40 lumens, our reflective inks on COB substrates had a special treatment.

In addition to high light efficiency, high color rendering is also a place we are very concerned about. As the one of LED lighting manufacturers to develop and manufacture high CRI, we have also made great efforts. To make the color of the light more near natural light, we not only care about CRI but also make corresponding requirements for the Planck curve and TM30. Every COB of us needs to meet a very high requirement.

So we are very confident that if you compare our product directly with other similar products, we will give you a great feeling.

Aluminum Heat Sink

This part seems normal as a common product, but we never dared not take it seriously. The number of cooling fins for our LED Modules is as high as 50, which have a 20% heat dissipation area more than other similar heat sinks on the market. Although we can do the same, after all, the cost is lower, we still give up the use of the public models in the market, and It is self-designed and developed. Only to improve the heat dissipation performance by 20%, this is what makes our products have higher light efficiency and longer life.

LEDs begin to lose their brightness the moment they are turned on. The lifespan is defined as the number of hours it takes for the LEDs to achieve 70% of their original brightness (lumen output).

From this picture, we can know the Same LEDs' lifetime under different temperatures. This is why we can have the longest lifetime.
TILLUME DTW lifetimes


Lens or reflector?

Perhaps everyone has not paid much attention to this detail. From the perspective of optical design, most the two-color COBs are not suitable for using lenses as optical solutions for multi-color products, because the light of multi-color COBs changes when toning. The lens design is only an optimization of the refraction path for fixed light. Therefore, the DTW of the lens scheme is very prone to the delamination of light spots and different color temperatures.
Benory solutionTILLUME 24V LED for KNX AND DALI lighting control
From the photo comparison, you can find use a lens to make DTW LED spot, there has a light spot in the center whose color is not the same as the outside. When you adjust CCT, that will be a bad experience you find there have 2 kinds CCT in one room, but not the CCT you want.

For this reason, we designed a part that mixes light of different colors, which can easily mix the light in different directions into a light ball, and then re-reflect the light of the light ball through the reflector to achieve the solution. stratification problem.

TILLUME Mixed Light system for DTW LED

In addition, the reflector selected by TILLUME,  adopts the aluminum spinning process with a relatively complicated manufacturing process, which can not only reduce the occurrence of glare. At the same time, when used for a long time, the metal material itself will not turn yellow like the plastic material, which will change the light color.


The Strict Quality Control Process

From the inspection of raw materials, we have begun to work carefully. For very important parts, our sampling ratio is much higher than the general level of the market. To ensure color consistency, TILLUME control Macdam within 2 steps, and then we also select and sort LED Chips to ensure consistency between batches.

Even in appearance, we strive for excellence. Every production process has strict standards. We do not pursue productivity improvements to reduce our manufacturing costs. Every step needs to be carefully crafted.

We know that the user's use environment is very different. To ensure the reliability of the product, each lamp needs to go through an aging process of up to 12 hours to ensure that each product shipped is good enough.

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