What can Home Automation doing

Home automation refers to the use of microprocessor electronic technology to integrate or control electrical and electronic products or systems in the home, such as lighting, coffee stoves, computer equipment, security systems, heating, and cooling systems, video and audio systems, etc.

Easily Saying, it is a system that can make a modern, smart, living space

1. It can do like a housekeeper:

For example, when the host comes home, the smart home system judges the time, before five o'clock, the outdoor sunlight is strong, close the curtains; reduce the indoor brightness, turn on the lights; turn on the TV and play music. At this time the hostess came home, closed the curtains, and turned on the water heater.

2. Automatically handle dangerous situations:

Assuming that there is a gas leak in the home, there are generally gas alarms in the home. However, if there is no one at home or only the elderly and children who are incapable of handling it, what should I do in this situation? After the smart home detects gas leakage, it will perform the following operations at the same time: close the gas valve, open the windows for ventilation, and the lights in the whole house flash, the speaker sounds an alarm, and the mobile APP receives the alarm information, you can notify your family or the security department, If there is no one at home, you can wait for the gas to be evacuated after half an hour, and then click on the phone to confirm, and the smart home will return to its original state.

3. Intelligent switching of life scenes:

When I rest at home and want to watch a movie, I only need to turn on the "movie mode", then the movie is turned on, the curtains are automatically closed, and the light switches to a light blue cinema atmosphere. After watching the movie and ready to go to bed, the sleep mode will turn off the lights in the living room and the curtains in the bedroom, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights. When you need to wake up at night, you don’t need to look for switches in the dark. There will be automatic sensing lights in the aisles and bathrooms. And it is a soft and not dazzling light to illuminate the road under your feet. After entering the sleep mode, the smart home system will automatically enter the security mode. At this time, if an outsider smashes the window or sneaks in, the smart home system will flash the lights in the whole house and sound an alarm to scare the thief away and protect the safety of your family. But if the male host comes back after working overtime for entertainment, the smart home system will not trigger the alarm. Wake-up alarms are something that everyone hates. Some people like to set two or three alarms, or they want to wake up and take a nap, only to find that they overslept. The smart home's wake-up mode will wake you up in a gentle, slow way. The seven o'clock alarm, the gentle, low-pitched music goes on, then open one-third of the curtains to let in a little sunlight, wait ten minutes, the curtains are half-open, and the music volume will also increase, at this time, your brain is awake Now, stretch out and prepare to get up. After getting up, the windows will be fully opened to welcome a beautiful day, and brush your teeth and wash your face with music.

4. Building Smart and Convenient home 

Intelligent home furnishing makes life more convenient and easy and has more time to accompany the family and enjoy life. The safety of life is guaranteed, and the elderly and children can use it.