5 Advantages, Smart Light for home

5 Advantages of Smart Light for your home

With the miniaturization of technology, many smart homes have entered people's homes, and smart homes have become a problem that people have to consider when decorating, of which smart lighting accounts for a large part.

  • Remote control at any time, intelligent lighting is super convenient
  • Humanized intelligent lighting design
  • Intelligent lighting design extends the life of lamps by 2~4 times
  • Intelligent lighting design creates a specific space atmosphere
  • Smart Lighting Design Saves Power and Money


The most important thing in using smart lighting design is "convenience". Smart lighting can control any lamp in the house at will, and can manage it by partition and switch it through the app. For example, you can set the bedroom lights as a group in the APP. When you want to turn on the lights in the bedroom, you can do it with just one button at the remote end, and you can turn off or turn on the lights when you go to bed at night or get up in the morning.


In addition to convenience, smart home design focuses on "humanization". Smart lighting can customize the lighting settings, turn it on from dark to bright, and turn it off from bright to dark, and choose the scene brightness that best suits your needs, which is also conducive to protecting eyes and extending the life of lamps. If you want, the smart light can also calculate the local sunrise and sunset time based on the latitude, longitude and date of your location, so that the color temperature and brightness of the light can be synchronized with the natural light to create a suitable light environment.

Longer lifetime

The reason for the damage of traditional lamps is mainly because the lifespan of the high voltage will be reduced in multiples. The intelligent lighting system can effectively suppress the fluctuation of voltage and current, reduce the damage to the lamps, and prolong the service life of lamps by about 2~4 times.

Customized atmoshere 

Except the practical lighting function of light, the intelligent lighting design can also change the light and shade and color with the scene, so that the space can produce a sense of three-dimensional and layered, and create a specific atmosphere. For example, use bright light to create a pleasant feeling when family gathers, turn on the light above the sofa when reading to create a focused atmosphere, and change the color of the light with the plot to make people more integrated into the plot when watching a movie.

Saving Energy

Intelligent lighting can perform actuarial dimming on most lamps, provide sufficient lighting where needed, and at the required time, and effectively utilize outdoor natural light to adjust to the most appropriate brightness. It not only ensures sufficient illumination, but also realizes energy saving and environmental protection. Generally speaking, it can save 20% to 40% of electric energy, and the reduced electricity bills can also reduce the pressure of power supply at home.