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Join our Professional Partner Program and Enjoy Rebate Support, Regular Referrals to Local Final Users in Need of Installation or Lighting Planning, Priority Access to New Products, Dedicated Engineering Support. Join for Free Now with No Hidden Fees.

Distributors | Discounted Price on all products

We are thrilled to extend a substantial discount to our professional partners on our complete line of smart lighting system. As a valued partner, you will gain access to our high-quality range and rich product line at prices that will delight your customers. With these discounted rates, you can provide your clients with high quality products within budget constraints. This will enable you to offer the finest LED lighting options while reaping excellent profit margins on each sale.

Electrical Installers Or System Integrators | Rebate Support

We are dedicated to empowering our partners with the resources and opportunities necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. When our local end-uses, who need to elecctrical install or light plan service, we will inform our customers contact you directly, ensuring that you're never alone in your journey. So you'll have the opportunity to expand your professional network and build lasting relationships with clients.

Designers for Project Plan Or Light Plan | Commission Support

Joining our Pro Partner program not only make you have the potential to earn significant income, but you also gain the flexibility to manage your own schedule. With our generous commission structure, your hard work directly translates into financial rewards. As a commission-based partner, you'll experience the satisfaction of helping clients find the perfect solutions while reaping the financial benefits of your efforts.

Join, Thrive, Succeed: The Partner Program Designed for Winners

Premium Benefits for Professional Partners

Discover the benefits of being one of our Professional Partners. Our FREE Partner Program gives you Discounts, Rebate Support, Commission, New Product Priority Experiences, Specialized Adsense Strategies and more. Join our TILLUME Partner Program for free now!

Encouraging the formation of strategic partnerships, especially with distributors, electrical installers or system integrators, project planners or light planners and others who want to join, it underlines the critical role that specialized pro partners play in expanding market reach and enhancing customer relationship management.

This partnership ethos is further exemplified by offering free membership that opens pathways to benefit from distribution rebates, access to specialized adsense strategies,  aiming to foster win-win relationships between TILLUME and its partners. 

For Distributors | Discounted Price On All Products

Discounted Pricing

We are excited to offer our professional partners a significant discount on all of our LED lighting products. As a partner, you'll have access to our entire range of top-quality products at prices that are sure to make your customers smile. By taking advantage of our discounted prices, you can provide your clients with high-end LED lighting products while staying within budget. You'll be able to offer the best in LED lighting while enjoying excellent profit margins on every sale.

Specialized Adsense Strategies

It can increase market opportunities, targeted audience engagement, enhanced brand visibility, improved conversion rates, and optimized ad performance. By tailoring strategies to specific needs, businesses can maximize their advertising impact and reach their ideal customer base more effectively.

New Product Priority experience

The benefits of the New Product Priority experience include exclusive offers, personalized support, early market access, tailored recommendations, and first-hand product insights. Gain access to unique promotions, customized assistance, and early market entry, ensuring a tailored and advantageous experience with our latest offerings.

Expanding Your Product Portfolio

One of the key advantages of joining a partner program is the ability to broaden your product portfolio. This enables partners to diversify offerings and position themselves as a one-stop-shop for all product solutions. Expanding the product range is essential for capturing the attention of new customers and maximizing the potential of the existing audience. Additionally, having a wide range of products allows for the creation of product kits and bundles, increasing the range of products that are already selling well and encouraging customers to add more to their baskets.

For Electrical Installers Or System Integrators | Rebate Support

Reduce Your Project Budget

Through rebate support, you can lower project expenses, increase profit margins for the project contractor and improve your competitiveness, enhance ability to offer attractive quotes to clients, and the potential to win more contracts due to cost-effectiveness. By minimizing expenses, electrical installers or system integrators can optimize profitability, attract more customers, and strengthen their market position.

Provide Resources

We are committed to providing our partners with essential resources and opportunities to thrive in the ever-evolving business environment. For customers in need of localized installation services, we connect them with our trusted electrical installation or engineering partners in their area, enabling direct access to your services. This presents an opportunity to expand your business reach and cultivate enduring relationships with customers, fostering sustained growth within the industry.

For Designers for Project Plan Or Light Plan | Commission Support

Engaging in affiliate marketing offers the benefit of earning commissions through successful referrals. This incentivizes partners to promote products or services, leading to increased sales and brand exposure. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for passive income generation and the potential for scalable earnings based on performance. With minimal upfront investment, affiliates can leverage their networks to drive traffic and conversions, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that rewards both the affiliate and the business.


Through the exploration of TILLUME ProPartner program, it's clear that the initiative is more than just a partnership; it's a strategic alliance designed to empower distributors, electrical installers or system integrators, and project planners or light planners to thrive in a competitive landscape. The program's rich offerings, from advanced product solutions to robust marketing and sales support, underscore the myriad ways in which TILLUME is committed to fostering growth and success among its partners. Such a carefully constructed ecosystem not only amplifies the potential of individual businesses but also collectively raises the standard of excellence in data protection and ransomware recovery across the industry.

Join our Professional Partner Program, making it an invaluable asset for distributors, electrical installers or system integrators, and project planners or light planners aiming to excel. Join now for free with no hidden fees, ever, and embark on a journey of transformation that promises not just to enhance your operational capabilities but to redefine what success looks like in your industry.