Replace 31346 and 31362 24V LED Spots Replace 31346 and 31362 24V LED Spots

TILLUME MR16 24V LED Spot Modules

24V Constant Voltage input supports most PWM controller brands like MDT, Luantone, Loxone and so on, spot modules designed as standard MR16 spot dimensions be easily into a conventional recessed spotlight/mounting ring for use of MR16 bulbs. And Dynamic Tunable White LED, RGBW White Balance LED modules give you more sections.

Reliable Quality

We had already export nearly 400,000pcs LED lights to Germany from 2014. And get best customer feedback

Advantage 2 color channel LEDs and COB

Advantage LEDs

In order to offer premium light output. Whatever tunable white or RGBW COB is design by TILLUME team.

Advantage Integrated Circuit to protect 24V LED Spots

Integrated Protection Circuit

Support 24V Constant Voltage PWM dimming input and Constant Current for LEDs inside, Surge voltage and current protection, Voltage loss friendly

Whether it's lighting or dimming, it's impeccable

Excellent Light Output

  • High light efficiency, high CRI
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Popular For KNX DALI DT6 User

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Replace 31346 and 31362 DTW LED Spots Replace 31346 and 31362 DTW LED Spots
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31346 LED 24V DTW modules 31346 LED 24V DTW modules

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31346 24v led SPOTS 31346 24v led SPOTS

24V MR16 LED Spot | CRI90 Reflector Adapt With KNX DALI

24V LED Spot Module Family Feature

As the light source in the Modular System, the TILLUME 24V LED Spots series provides 3 different lighting solutions: dimming, Tunable White, and RGBW. With different lamp housings, it can evolve into a variety of lamps, such as recessed spotlights, surface-mounted spotlights, pendants, and spotlights.

Compact design, compatible with GU10/MR16 Fitting

All module installation dimensions conform to the GU10 MR16 standard size. In addition to being used with the TILLUME Modular System lamp housing, it can also perfectly match the GU10 conventional fitting & holder on the market. In renovation projects, the previous fitting can be used, reducing the need for Your capital investment.

Excellent thermal design

The Spot body is made of 6063 aluminum alloy with a thermal conductivity of 201 W/m.K. Compared with die-cast aluminum with a thermal conductivity of 96 W/m.K, it dissipates heat more efficiently and can better reduce the COB operating temperature, bringing longer service life and more Good light extraction efficiency.
The fin-type heat dissipation structure has more heat dissipation area, which is 3 times larger than the conventional structure, ensuring the long-term use of the module and ensuring the service life.
At the same time, our reflector is also made of aluminum alloy to increase the heat dissipation performance. At the same time, compared with the plastic materials used on the market, it can ensure that the light will not shift yellow after long-term use.

Various power and optical options are available

Based on the family house floor height is 2.4-3 meters, the power of the whole series is optional from 3-8W, which can meet the lighting brightness needs of most families. The 36° and 60° beam angles can be used for both basic lighting and accent lighting.
The color rendering index of the entire series is as high as 90, providing better color reproduction and adding luster to your space. At the same time, the solar-like spectrum LED Spot provides ultra-high color rendering with CRI>96, making the living space healthier.

Excellent dimming, tunable white performance

TILLUME LED Spot supports most PWM dimmers and controllers on the market, especially DALI and KNX dimming lighting systems. Supports dimming depth of 1%-100%. Our customers have a very good experience using MDT LED controllers, Luatone controllers and Mean Well HLG series to control our spotlights.
All series of module spot are equipped with over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and surge protection circuit solutions to ensure the safety of electricity and to better extend the service life. Moreover, our spotlights can still operate under the condition of input voltage of 22.5V. Maintaining the same brightness as under 24V input conditions can well solve the installation problem of inconsistent brightness caused by voltage drop in low-voltage systems.

Widely used in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms

In a living room

it can provide optimal lighting and reduce eye fatigue when reading or watching TV. Additionally, these lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness level according to your needs or mood. The simple design of this system allows you to DIY different color styles, whether it is white or black, or a combination of black and white, ensuring that it blends perfectly with various interior styles without appearing abrupt and monotonous.

In the kitchen

24V LED spotlights can illuminate your cooking area, countertops and other important areas due to their very high color reproduction and high light efficiency, and make the food more colorful and delicious, allowing you and your family to enjoy the cooking experience and dining activities are more relaxed and beautiful. Paired with chandelier fixtures, they also help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In the bathroom

For most people, bathing is a relaxing process, and warm light can relax the mood better. For this reason, we specially designed waterproof recessed and surface-mounted housing. When used in combination with LED Spot, they can easily become waterproof recessed spotlights. and surface-mounted waterproof downlights, giving you more lighting options for your bathroom