Colored LED Lighting

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7W RGBW LED Spot Module Expert Class

RGBWW LED Spot Module | 60° CRI90 24V DC MR16 Retrofits | Expert Class

€47,32 EURFrom €28,53 EUR
24V RGBWW LED Spot Module | Expert Class Feature TILLUME RGBWW-LED spot is the perfect solution for accent and effect lighting as well as for daily use in any installation situation....
DALI DT8 24V LED MR16 Spot Module Master Class

RGBW LED Spot Module | 60° CRI90 24V DC MR16 Style

€31,34 EUR
 RGBW 24V LED MR16 Spot Module controllable with DALI or Balance Dimmer Feature If the focus of the application is a perfectly colored accent and effect lighting, the installation of the...

Premium RGBW LED Bring Celebratory Colors.


Colored LED lighting by RGBW technology, defined multicolor light by KNX DALI lighting control system

Defined variety life by multicolor LED.

On different holiday our colored led lighting collection follow your idea, creating contrast and variety atmosphere by your KNX, DALI or other PWM lighting control system. Premium lighting design make it possible when you define every moods and atmosphere in party.

Not only having RGBW LED strip, but also RGBW LED spots module.

Due to RGBW COB is very too difficult in technology, most of company can do RGBW SMD LED strip. So when we want to retrofit other lights in our house, there is no any solution. Meanwhile some room are not suitable to fit LED strip, and less white light output make it used only as embellishment.

In order to let your choice no longer be monotonous, we developed RGBW LED spots in 2017. TILLUME RGBW LED MR16 spot module have a standard mounting size same as MR16 light source. It help you retrofit home easily. Designed as a LED module, saving you the trouble of replacing lamps or refurbishing. Of course, we are constantly designing other types of multicolor LED lights, so that you can have more choices. If you have good suggestions, also let us know.