31346 24v led SPOTS 31346 24v led SPOTS

RGBW LED Spots Modules | TILLUME 24V DC CRI90 MR16 Retrofit Stype

RGBW 24V LED Spots Modules

Besides excence white light, we also have full-color LEDs, allowing you to create different lighting environments for different situations and add color to life. 1-100% dimmable range, adapt to digital dimming signal, fast response, sensitive. Whatever DT6 or DT8, there have a suitable one for you.


24V Constant Voltage input supports most PWM controller brands like MDT, Luantone, Loxone and so on, spot modules designed as standard MR16 spot dimensions be easily into a conventional recessed spotlight/mounting ring for use of MR16 bulbs
24V LED KNX Spots

Standard MR16 Dimension

D50X50mm is the same as the MR16 size. Whatever retrofit or fixed with MR16 fixture is easy. There is no need to cut holes in the ceiling, and no damage to the ceiling when replaced.


Advantage LEDs

Expert and Master Class optional. Different design options to meet discerning needs. Uniform spot, no delamination. Up to CRI95+, restore true colors. 90lm/w High Energy Saving

Advantage Integrated Circuit to protect 24V LED Spots

Integrated Protection Circuit

Support 24V Constant Voltage PWM dimming input and Constant Current for LEDs inside, Surge voltage and current protection, Voltage loss friendly

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7W RGBW LED Spot Module Expert Class

RGBWW LED Spot Module | 60° CRI90 24V DC MR16 Retrofits | Expert Class

From €28,53 EUR
24V RGBWW LED Spot Module | Expert Class Feature TILLUME RGBWW-LED spot is the perfect solution for accent and effect lighting as well as for daily use in any installation situation....
DALI DT8 24V LED MR16 Spot Module Master Class

RGBW LED Spot Module | 60° CRI90 24V DC MR16 Style

€31,34 EUR
 RGBW 24V LED MR16 Spot Module controllable with DALI or Balance Dimmer Feature If the focus of the application is a perfectly colored accent and effect lighting, the installation of the...
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Why our 24V LED Modelues have an excellent light output

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24V RGBW LED Module, same as 31345 items 24V RGBW LED Module, same as 31345 items

TILLUME Constant Voltage 24V LED RGBW Module Features

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