Dali Digital Dimming Background

The gradual shift from home theater customization systems to full home customization integrated systems has forced many video and audio integrators and engineering companies to pay attention to full home integration, including central control systems, bus systems, security monitoring, full home networks, and highly focused lighting control fields.

Lighting control has changed from a single switch to adding hardware devices such as dimmer controller, host and gateway into the lighting system, and realizing various lighting modes, including analog dimming and digital dimming, through special dimming communication protocols. The current popular DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) digital dimming at home and abroad is a good choice. Compared to Zigbee/Bluetooth, wireless network and other dimming methods, DALI itself is a professional protocol standard specifically designed for lighting control, with advantages such as real-time, accuracy, and stability. Below, we will analyze the advantages and characteristics, as well as explore some of the problems that exist in the actual application process.

DALI Digital Dimming Advantages


Real time performance



Practical issues related to gateways, controllers, and hosts

Is it enough to build a DALI system with just a gateway?

If the switch panel supports 9 groups and the gateway is set with more than 9, will it affect the maintenance of different personnel? Is the program clear?

DALI supports a maximum of 16 addresses per device, so how we do if there are more than 16 addresses?

Practical issues regarding lighting fixture

What types of lighting fixtures are currently supported by DALI? Can ordinary LED lights be supported?

A lamp in the DALI system is broken, do you need to reprogram it?

Can one of a group of 5 lights be turned off separately?

Why do some lighting fixtures not synchronize and gradually turn off suddenly to a certain extent?

Practical issues regarding drives

How should I match DALI drivers for lighting fixtures?

Do lighting fixtures controlled by DALI drivers require separate system control?

Practical issues regarding DALI system wiring